Born in 1959 in Paris France, Freddie Towe has lived in Washington DC, New York, the Bahamas, Brighton England, rural Nova Scotia and moved to Toronto in 1979.

Early studies in clock-making fuelled her curiosity about how one thing leads to another and she later moved on to explore Super 8 film, video, sculpture, assemblage and painting.

Since 2004, Freddie Towe has shown her paintings, assemblages, sculptures and films in solo and group shows in various galleries in Toronto including Awol Gallery, Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel, Paul Petro Gallery, Propeller Gallery, Engine Gallery, Gallery 1313, Index G Gallery, and Canadian Fine Arts Gallery. She has two solo shows coming up in Bancroft in 2017: “Recent Portraits” at Bridge Street Art in September, and “Abstract Work” at the Art Gallery of Bancroft in December.

In 2015 she moved to live beside the York River, just north of Bancroft, Ontario and has exhibited her work locally at A Place For the Arts, Bridge Street Art and the Art Gallery of Bancroft. She is a member of the Place of the Arts collective.

As an art educator, she has taught painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, and mosaic at The Art Centre at Central Technical School, ran classes at her studio and as a visiting artist for the Toronto District School Board.

Freddie’s innate sense of colour, rhythm, animation and the quirky interplay between humour and darkness are evident in her work. Her paintings and mixed media works explore connections and pathways both visually and metaphorically.